Application for financial assistance

Application form for Walsall Wood/W.J. Croft/Blanch Woollaston

If you live in Walsall and need financial assistance because of illness, a change in personal circumstances or an exceptional culmination of events, there are a number of local charities that may be able to help you.  These are the Walsall Wood Allotments Charity, the W.J. Croft Charity and the Blanch Woollaston Charity.

The help provided by these charities is given in the form of grants for such items as electrical/household goods and school uniforms, and are awarded on a case-by-case basis.  There are no age restrictions but grants can only be made available to individuals or families. The Trustees cannot award funding to organisations, groups or other charities.

Grant applications can be submitted online through our electronic application form or, if you would prefer, a paper copy can be downloaded by clicking the buttons at the bottom of this page. Paper copies are to be sent to the following address along with any supporting documentation to: Democratic Services, The Council House, Lichfield Street, Walsall, WS1 1TW.

Completing the application form

Because the charities have limited funds and receive many applications, assistance cannot be guaranteed.  Therefore, you should complete the form as fully as possible and explaining what help you need so that the Trustees can give your application full consideration.

In submitting your application, you must make a full declaration of your income and expenditure (including any debts and/or arrears) and provide bank statements for the last 3 months as evidence.  Failure to include this evidence will result in your application form being returned as incomplete and this could risk your application being delayed.

All information provided by you is treated in confidence.  However, to enable them to consider your application when they hold their grant-awarding meetings, your form will be circulated to Trustees and officers acting on behalf of the charities.  If your application is successful, your details will be forwarded to the relevant suppliers used by the charities. 

You must complete all parts of the application form, including the declaration to confirm that you understand and accept this procedure.  The Trustees cannot accept incomplete forms or forms submitted without evidence and these will not be considered.

You can also read the guidance note to help you complete the form.

To consider applications for financial assistance, the Walsall Wood Allotments Charity meets four times per year, and the W.J. Croft and Blanch Woollaston Charities meet twice per year.

Your application will be submitted to the next available meeting.